Ordering with 56 Cutz

All of our orders are cut to order and shipped directly to your house. Freshness is 100% guaranteed! All meat orders are frozen and shipped over dry ice, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product we have to offer. All meat and poultry is Main Street Quality Meats brand, vacuum sealed and flash frozen for maximum freshness. Ordering with us is simple!

  • Choose from our variety of box options
  • We hand cut each order as it comes through
  • Your meat is flash frozen and packaged via vacuum seal
  • We ship your package over dry ice (ensuring freshness) straight to your door
  • Thaw, cook, enjoy!

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy fresh-cut, nutritious, quality meats. Satisfaction is guaranteed! We also offer recipes, tips and tricks, and other resources to help you make the most of your order. We encourage recipe and picture submissions of you and yours enjoying your 56 Cutz meals together. Order Today or contact us for more information.

BBQ Sauce

First you choose your box

  • We are excited to let you know that we hand cut each box to order.
  • Our Certified Hereford Beef® is hand cut, vacuum sealed then flash frozen to keep it fresh.
  • The chicken is Fresh All Natural Main Street Quality Meats brand.
  • The pork is also Fresh All Natural Main Street Quality Meats brand.
  • All of the meat is hand cut, packaged, frozen, put on dry ice, and shipped within 5-7 business days from your order.

Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce

We deliver it to your door

  • We hire a carrier service to deliver it to your door via 2-day mail.
  • You just thaw it, cook it, and enjoy. You can put the rest of your order in the freezer to be defrosted and devoured at a later date.

BBQ Sauce

So you can enjoy your meal

  • Right here on our site we will be posting recipes and cooking ideas.
  • We are also asking for submissions along with photos of you cooking your 56 Cuts box!
  • Enjoying your meal is our goal! We guarantee satisfaction on every box purchased.