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Quality Steak Delivery Service

Quality Steak Delivery Service

Beef cuts can be complicated even for meat lovers. Each one has its characteristics regarding marbling, amount of fat and fibrousness. That is why each must be prepared, cooked and served differently, to get their best attributes.

The origin of the product is important since the quality of the beef is directly proportional to its level of flavor. Besides the source, it is clear that the breed, the feed, and the care that was given to the cow influence the quality of the final product.

Another essential aspect is the "marbling" which are the veins of fat formed in parts of the body of the beef with little muscle. This characteristic is very desirable both in breeders and consumers since when cooking, that intermediate fat enhances the taste of the dish. It is essential that you know the most popular cuts, so choose those that suit your taste.

The Most Famous Meat Pieces


It is a filet of beef rib, soft on the palate. It has a little more fat than the others, and that is what distinguishes it from the rest of the cuts. Thanks to these qualities, you can obtain a beautiful golden color on the outside and an exquisite and particular flavor. It has a bit of bone.

New York Steak

It is a cut similar to the Ribeye, but with a medium marbling and a firmer texture. It is slightly lean, boneless, which makes it very versatile because it fits well whether it is baked, grilled or in a barbecue.

This cut corresponds to the middle part of the spine (excluding the bone) specifically from an area that does not work much. This allows the meat to be tender. The most advisable is a cooking term ¾ to avoid losing its juices.


The name of this cut is due to its characteristic bone "T" shaped that separates a portion of loin and another portion of fillet. These pieces come from the middle part (Short Lion) of the beef tenderloin. That meat has a light marbling and is very soft. The recommendation is that the minimum thickness of the cut is a ¾ inch. For cooking the term is ¾ to allow it to preserve its freshness and smoothness.


It is a clean cut, without fat, without bone, and without nerves. It has a light marbling. It comes from the upper part of the spine, in its later section. It is a thin cut, oval in shape and larger compared to other cuts. 56 Cutz, the best quality steak delivery service has selected this cut for the boxes offer, for its versatility and taste.

Are You a Meat Lover?

If you are a fanatic of the different cuts, 56 Cutz has the steak box for you. With its 12 good cuts 4 New York Steak, 4 Ribeyes and 4 Top-Sirloin you will enjoy the best of your favorite food: Meat. We are the best quality steak delivery service in Salt Lake, and we will be happy to serve you, order now.

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Quality Steak Delivery Service