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Quality Hand Cut Steaks

Quality Hand Cut Steaks

It is always nice to meet with family or friends, to celebrate a special occasion, or to share. One of the preferred activities for these type of meetings is to make a good barbecue.

When you have guests at a barbecue, it is essential to consider what type of meat cut you are going to buy. This selection depends mainly on two factors: the number of guests and budget.


If you are going to have alot of people over, or if the budget is tight, it is best to offer good quality hamburgers and hot dogs. When you buy the hot dogs, opt for sausages with European style, so that you give a touch of distinction to your barbecue.

For the preparation of hamburgers, the ideal proportion is 80% meat and 20% fat. Ask your butcher for the meat to be freshly ground, to ensure the quality of the dish. A variant to the traditional hamburger is to mix beef and pork, that will enhance the flavor.

Small Groups (Maximum 6 people)

Usually, when you invite a few people, your closest friends or family members. It is time to treat them with some excellent cuts. The Ribeye is a winner. It is a meaty cut with good marbling, and with a simple marinade will be spectacular.

For a cooking ¾, this cut will require between 4 and 5 minutes on each side. Let the cut come to room temperature about an hour before cooking. This way the meat will cook evenly, and you will prevent the meat from turning gray.

Medium Groups (6 to 10 guests)

The objective is to serve good cuts to your guests, but without exceeding the costs. For this size of meetings, the New York Steak is an excellent option. It is the cut below the low back of the cow. It is a smooth and juicy meat cut, with the right marbling. It has a lower fat content than the ribs.

Another ideal option is the Top Sirloin, which is also soft and juicy. This comes from the muscles of the legs that join them with the spine. The recommendation is a cooking ¾ so that it stays smooth.

Large Groups (more than ten people)

On these occasions, if you do not want to serve hamburgers and hot dogs, it is best to look for tasty cuts that are easy to cook. Here the short ribs are indicated. They contain a lot of fat, which isolates them and prevents them from overcooking, besides they are super fast to prepare.

56 Cutz has everything for your perfect barbecue!

We are the best quality hand cut steaks providers in the Salt Lake City area, and we have the highest quality meat for you. For that special barbecue, you can choose our Grillers Box; this will be an excellent starting point. In addition to the Top Sirloin cuts, you can give variety to your barbecue including chicken breasts, sausages, and Petite Sirloin Steaks. Order today, we will be happy to assist you.

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Quality Hand Cut Steaks