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Meat Subscription

Meat Subscription

Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a butcher come to your home, cut your meat for you, and leave? In a way, that's what you get with a meat subscription from 56 Cutz. We bring the deli to your home, so you don't have to make a special trip to the deli every time you need meat. That's right; you place an order, and we bring it. We'll deliver your meat to you no matter where you are as long as there's a physical address there. Whether it's your home, your office, or your mom and dad's house (or anywhere else), we'll deliver! Save yourself the hassle and stress of fighting Salt Lake City traffic, and let us keep you supplied with the best meat in town all year-round.

How it Works

Now, you may be wondering about the details of how this process works. You might be thinking, "How does this subscription work?" You might reason, "They must mass stock their meat and freeze it until an order comes in, then they ship it to their customers." Of course, this is a logical concern, but fear not! The 56 Cutz meat subscription is actually quite simple. When an order comes in, our butcher cuts the meat, and we ship it out immediately. We never freeze any of our products, although you may decide to freeze them yourself. In fact, many of our items can be cooked from frozen or quick thawed for quick preparation. However, as a policy, we never freeze any of our products.

Why We Never Freeze Our Meat

Though freezing meat is a popular method of preservation, we leave the freezing to our customers. When meat is frozen, the taste of the meat will be affected significantly. Why? Because ice crystals form in the meat's cell walls when frozen. Depending on the whether the meat was frozen quickly or slowly will determine the amount and the size of the ice crystals, but the meat will be damaged nonetheless. Also, the loss of natural juices during the thawing process affects the flavor. It's not just the taste, but the texture of the meat can be adversely affected by freezing as well. This is most noticeable with steaks.

Because we never freeze our meat, we're aren't' able to achieve the same shelf-life as our competitors. Therefore, we order smaller batches of meat more frequently. This process of ordering smaller batches of meat allows us to be pickier regarding the cattle, chicken, and pork that we purchase. We shop around to find the best. All of our meat comes from well-treated animals with plenty of love and room to graze.

Make Your Life Easier and Save Time and Money

The 56 Cutz meat subscription adds a level of convenience to your life that you will appreciate at times when you don't have time. Having fresh cuts of meat delivered to you whenever you want it adds a measure of convenience for obvious reasons. Plus, you'll find that it's the perfect solution to any occasion, especially when you're running late and don't have time to make a stop at the grocery store. We also offer same-day delivery and next-day delivery for those who like to plan ahead.

What You'll Get

56 Cutz provides our members with only the best, freshest, cut-to-order meats, including tender and juicy steaks, all-natural chicken breasts, pork chops, and more. Just select a box that's best for you. Choose from a variety of our standard boxes, including our famous Griller Box, Family of Four Box, and the Fit Box, or talk to us about customizing your own box. Inside of each box, you will find mouth-watering meats like:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Center cut sirloin fillet steaks
  • Ground Chuck
  • Boneless pork chops
  • Hickory smoked bacon
  • Polish sausage links
  • High-grade hotdogs
  • Petite Sirloin Steaks
  • Ground Chuck Patties
  • Tri-Tip Roast
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Meat Subscription