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Buy Frozen Steaks

Buy Frozen Steaks

Are you hesitant to buy frozen steaks online? If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would purchase steaks from a home delivery service, the answer may surprise you. Customers look to 56 Cutz for the freshest, most delicious hand-cut steaks obtainable- shipped directly from our butcher to your door.

Shop For Convenience

Whether you’re not satisfied with the meat you’ve purchased from your local butcher, or you’re simply looking for a convenient way to have fresh meat sent to your home, our home meat delivery service is the perfect way to buy frozen steaks. We take a great deal of pride in our Certified Hereford beef that is voluntarily put through a second inspection process to ensure the finest quality and taste. Simply choose the right meat box for your family’s needs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Shop For Price

Cutting out the middleman makes a big difference in the price you’ll pay per pound. For many of our customers, the savings they experience means they can purchase more tender steaks for the same price they would typically pay at their local butcher for a tougher cut of meat. It’s no secret that by the time premium cuts of beef arrive at the grocery store they’ve already been priced up numerous times, depending on how many intermediaries were involved. Our prices reflect butcher to customer rates that ensure you have access to top quality steaks at the best possible prices.

Shop For Options

Buy frozen steaks, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, boneless pork chops, Polish sausage links, hi-grade hotdogs, roasts, and ground beef at unbeatable prices and in the quantity you want when you shop online at 56 Cutz. Our Steak Box is a customer favorite and includes four each: 12oz Choice Certified Hereford New York Steaks and Ribeye Steaks, and 8oz Top Sirloin Steaks.

There Are Steaks- And There Are Steaks

What makes 56 Cutz steaks so popular is our commitment to providing nothing less than the highest quality and freshness. It starts with our two-fold inspection process that exceeds that which other butchers require. We demand that our meats are Safe Quality Food certified- and we’re one of the only meat processors in Utah to obtain certification by the Global Food Safety Initiative. We’ve earned a reputation throughout the industry as being a company that is dedicated to delivering a higher standard of quality than our competition.

It’s Easy to Order

Choose your preferred meat box and we’ll hand-cut your box to order. All of our Certified Hereford steaks are vacuum sealed, flash frozen, and shipped on dry ice at 2-day delivery. You just can't buy frozen steaks like ours from any other meat delivery service in the country.

We’ll hire the carrier and have your meat box delivered directly to your door for guaranteed freshness. Feel free to try one of our recipes posted on our website when planning your meals- our Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce is a customer favorite!

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Buy Frozen Steaks